Everyday wear:

Your Repossi pieces are delicate objects which require the utmost care. To preserve your creations through time, we advise you to avoid any contact with chemical and cosmetic products (perfume, hydroalcoholic gel, chlorine, etc.) which can alter their aspect and color. We also advise you to remove each jewelry before going to bed or practicing specific activities (sport, gardening, housework, etc.) because they could then be subjected to shocks.

Black gold, a delicate layer applied to white gold, is particularly sensitive to shocks and chemicals, so we advise you to avoid stacking.


To preserve the brightness of your pieces, it is very important to clean them often. We advise you to do that with a soft and dry cloth.

To clean your creations with diamonds only, you can use a very soft brush and soapy water, rinse your piece with fresh water and let it dry naturally.

The cleaning of your black gold creations or those with colored gems cannot be realized by yourself, it must be operated by a professional. Our experts will be delighted to welcome you in our store to better advise you.


It is recommended to store your jewelries individually in its original box to avoid any damage; contact with other objects may scratch it.

The diamond has very specific characteristics and is notably the hardest of the minerals, it can therefore scratch other materials.