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10 years of Serti Sur Vide
Chapter two


Repossi unveils his chapter 2 of the Serti sur Vide High Jewellery collection celebrating the10th anniversary of the collection.

Repossi, a jewellery and high jewellery house existing since three generations, perpetuates the inherited family tradition of jewelry with it originating in 1957 in Turin. Gaia Repossi, Creative Director, has regenerated the vision of the house by reinventing the traditional codes of jewellery. High Jewellery creations are hand-made in Paris and Italy with the most prestigious ateliers, all re-known for mastering their art to reveal the quintessence of our high jewelry creations.


Repossi re-interpreting the traditional High Jewelry codes with Serti sur Vide. It features pear-shaped center stones that appear to float in a minimalist, contemporary designs thanks to a uniquely shaped setting called the "Eiffel Tower", demonstrating the technical expertise of the Maison.

Serti sur Vide, with a floating diamond, is a forerunner and fascinating way to wear diamonds, that became a Repossi signature.


These 6 pieces featuring compositions of pear-shape diamonds embodies Repossi DNA. They combine technicality and suppleness, punctuated by closed settings magnifying the Maison's signature stone cut: the pear.