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Chromatic Sapphires

To celebrate her 15th Anniversary as head of the Artistic Direction of the Maison, Gaia Repossi was looking for a meaningful and engaging statement for this special year. For 65 years and 3 generations, Repossi has continued to unveil its savoir-faire and avant-gardism through iconic collections and reinvented the rules of jewellery at Place Vendôme.

A gem exporter examines a rough gemstone during a Moyo Gems market day.
(Credit: Pact)
Two Moyo Gems miners pose for a photo in their village in Tanzania’s Umba Valley
(Credit: Pact)

(Credit: Pact)
(Credit: Pact)
Commitment to sustainability and sisterhood are values treasured by Repossi, it was important for the Maison to use its brand awareness to serve women's visibility in the gemstone industry. When Gaia Repossi, granddaughter of the founder, was introduced to the MoyoGems Organization, the idea to use her iconic Serti Sur Vide collection to support these values came to her immediately. Moyo Gems is a responsible miner to market gemstone collaboration born in East Africa working with women artisanal gem miners from the Tanzania Women Minsers Association (TAWOMA), international NGO Pact and their allies to track beautiful gemstones from artisanal miner to market.
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After many months of selecting each stone one by one, Repossi finally chose 31 Umba sapphires due to their unique chromatics, unheated and free of inclusions. The unique gemstones come from the Umba Valley, north Tanzania and the great particularity of this Sapphires from this region is that they have changing colors depending on the light exposition : from pink to light green colors. Colored sapphires are enhanced, for the first time by the Maison’s creative process, through the iconic Serti sur Vide collection and the floating effect of this setting.

It was challenging to find the perfect color combinations among the richness of the gems available. Her vision guided her to the selection of three main camaieu: Lilac, Intense Orange and Pink Blush. From rings to earrings, this collection offers 15 unique limited-edition pieces in the Maison’s iconic pink, white and black gold.

The Chromatic Sapphires collection will be available in Paris from February 28th to March 15th, and then will travel to Monaco, London, Tokyo, New York and Dubaï.